William Echols is going to hire a snow plowing service. Elizabeth Suco charges an annual fees of $80, plus $5 each time she plows. Jon Wilkins charges an annual fee of $50, plus $10 each time he plows. How many times would the snow need to be plowed for the cost of both plans to be the same?

66. Alice and Bonnie start running at the same time from the same point and run in the same direction. Alice runs at 8mph while Bonnie runs at slower pace. After 2 hours they are 4 miles apart. determine the speed at which Bonnie is running?

67. A Hair Salon rents booths for $200 per month plus a 5% commission on receipts. How much rent does Qiana owe for one month when her receipts total $4500?

68. The smith family decided to go on a road trip last summer. Their family car can hold up to 16 gallon of gas. over the course of their trip they had to fill up the car 3 times each way. If their trip was 2568 miles in total. At what rate did their car consume gas?

  1.  Write the equation of the line that passes through(1,1) and throught the center of the circle (x – 2)2 + (y – 4)2 = 20. Write in Ax + By = C form.
  2. Lisa is looking up to the top of a giant elephant. The angle of elevation to the giant elephant is 38 degrees and the height of the giant elephant is 21 feet. What is the distance from Lisa to the giant elephant?

a) 0.04 feet

b) 16.65 feet

c) 16.41 feet

d) 26.88

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