1. A Chemist needs 120 milliliters of a 21% solution but only has 3% and 27% solutions available. Find how many milliliters of 27% solution should be used to the desired solution.
  2. A window in an apartment is 32m above the ground. From this window, the angle of elevation of the top of the taller building across the street is 36degress and the angle of depression of the bottom of the taller bulding is 47degrees. Calculate the height of the taller building to one decimal place.
  3. A steel bar is 96 inches long. It is sawn up into 2 1/4 inches long. Assuming each saw cut wastes 1/8th of an inch, how much scrap is left at the end of the bar?
  4. You sell electronics online. Last month, your business had 22 credit card transactions that totaled $47,456. The credit card company charged you $0.25 per transaction and 2 percent of the total transactions. How much did it cost you last month to provide this service to your customers?
  5. Mr. de long travels to state a to purchase coming equipment she must pay the prevailing sales tax of 8 percent on what she buy the store will ship her purchase to her home in state b without charging at but with a fixed shipping fee of 3.20 what is the least number of dollar she can spend so that having the purchase shipped will not be more expensive than paying the sales tax.
  6. At the cable car museum you can see the four cables lines that are used to pull cable cars up and down the hills of San Francisco. Each cable travels at a speed of 9.55 miles per hour , caused by a rotating wheel whose diameter is 8.5 feet. How fast is the wheel rotating? Express your answer in revolutions per minute.
  7. How fast would you have to travel on the surface of earth at the equator to keep up with the sun that is so that the sun would appear to remain in the same position in the sky.
  8. Helene is building a garage on her farm near stavley. She knows that the angle of elevation on the roof must be 23 degrees for the peak of the roof to be 3.2 metres above the end of the rafters. how long is each rafter?
  9. Jospeh can eat 15 hotdog in 36 second. how long will take him to eat 66 hotdog?
  10. A five foot man can cast a 6 foot shadow. if a certain tree castsa a 27 foot shadow,. hoe tall is the tree?

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