(a) Is the data qualitative or quantitative? Why? (b) What is the table called? What does it show? (c) Develop a bar chart to depict the information. (d) Develop a pie chart using the relative frequencies.

The answers to the odd-numbered exercises are at the end of the book in Appendix D.

1. A pie chart shows the relative market share of cola products. The “slice” for Pepsi- Cola has a central angle of 90 degrees. What is its market share?

2. In a marketing study, 100 consumers were asked to select the best digital music player from the iPod, the iRiver, and the Magic Star MP3. To summarize the con- sumer responses with a frequency table, how many classes would the frequency table have?

3. A total of 1,000 residents in Minnesota were asked which season they preferred. One hundred liked winter best, 300 liked spring, 400 liked summer, and 200 liked fall. Develop a frequency table and a relative frequency table to summarize this information.

4. Two thousand frequent business travelers are asked which midwestern city they prefer: Indianapolis, Saint Louis, Chicago, or Milwaukee. One hundred liked India- napolis best, 450 liked Saint Louis, 1,300 liked Chicago, and the remainder pre- ferred Milwaukee. Develop a frequency table and a relative frequency table to summarize this information.

5. Wellstone Inc. produces and markets replacement covers for cell phones in five different colors: bright white, metallic black, magnetic lime, tangerine orange, and fusion red. To estimate the demand for each color, the company set up a kiosk in the Mall of America for several hours and asked randomly selected people which cover color was their favorite. The results follow:


Bright white 130 Metallic black 104 Magnetic lime 325 Tangerine orange 455 Fusion red 286

a. What is the table called? b. Draw a bar chart for the table. c. Draw a pie chart. d. If Wellstone Inc. plans to produce 1 million cell phone covers, how many of

each color should it produce? 6. A small business consultant is investigating the performance of several companies.

The fourth-quarter sales for last year (in thousands of dollars) for the selected com- panies were:

Fourth-Quarter Sales Company ($ thousands)

Hoden Building Products $ 1,645.2 J & R Printing Inc. 4,757.0 Long Bay Concrete Construction 8,913.0 Mancell Electric and Plumbing 627.1 Maxwell Heating and Air Conditioning 24,612.0 Mizelle Roofing & Sheet Metals 191.9

The consultant wants to include a chart in his report comparing the sales of the six companies. Use a bar chart to compare the fourth-quarter sales of these corpora- tions and write a brief report summarizing the bar chart.

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